Our Story

American Wine Krafts is the embodiment of an idea - a product that captures a feeling, emotion, or memory is a product worth creating. Our aim is to create products we’re proud of and no degree of measure can account for the attentiveness we deliver in each creation. For us it isn’t a job - it’s a passion. We’re a small dedicated team and our town in rural Ohio is even smaller, but our dreams and aspirations are big. Watching each product from inception to market brings us joy and we aim to pass that joy on to our customers through our creations.


Our creed is quality. We employ a staff of hard-working hand-crafters right here in America, with generations of quality craftsmanship evident in each and every creation. Our customers continue to remind us why our quality makes the difference - and we tend to agree. Another thing our customers tend to agree with us on is our effort to make a difference. We take a portion of our profits and dedicate it to giving back to causes and organizations we’re passionate about. We’re fortunate that people enjoy our products and we aim to share our fortune with those who are less fortunate. Keep an eye on our blogs to learn how.